LED Canopy

Simply Lighting's LED Canopy fixtures can replace a 100-175W metal halide fixture. This results in 70-80% energy savings! Ranging from 4050-6700 lumens, these canopy fixtures are perfect for parking garages, warehouse space, or security applications.

LED Tri-proof Light

Simply Lighting's Tri-Proof lights can replace a 150-300W incandescent fixture.  Available from 2400-4800 lumens, these tri-proofs are perfect for parking garages, warehouse or storage spaces.

LED Wall Mount Light

Simpy Lighting's LED wall mounts only consume 17-25 watts yet produce 1600-2200 lumens. With a cool white color temperature of either 4000K or 5000K, the LED wall mount is ideal for outdoor security lighting, parking garages, building entrances, and outdoor walkways. These wall mounts come with the option to be equipped with a photocell sensor, which will automatically activate the light in darkness.

LED Wrap Light

Simply Lighting's LED Wrap Light is ideal for commercial use including warehouse, office, garages, display shops and other commercial applications.

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